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StreamLife Inc. can enhance your business environment with technology that makes work
easier, more enjoyable and more productive. Create a more polished look and sound for your
company by letting us select and professionally install your video and audio systems

Projection Systems
Conference Room With Projection System
Create a video viewing venue that sets you apart from your competition with conference room and community room installations that offer superior video and audio presentation.  We offer a wide variety of video projectors, manual and powered projection screens, mounting solutions and control panels to meet your needs.  Integrate your presentation audio with high quality public address systems and wireless microphones.


                                    Audio/Video Conferencing

     In today's business environment, travel costs and security concerns
     make video and audio conferencing an important capability for many
     businesses. Keep your teams in touch with our leading edge HD video and
     state-of-the-art audio technologies.  We offer a full range of options, from
     portable wireless to fully installed systems.

                                   Streaming Audio and Video

     Utilize our professional grade music and video systems to create the image
     and ambiance you’re looking for. We install and support HDTV, media
     players and distributed commercial audio systems for restaurants, hotels
     and office buildings.

Control and Systems Integration

Commercial environments require intuitive, user-friendly interfaces for keypads, touch screens and remotes to provide single button control of multiple systems. We view your business as a whole, so that individual systems operate as one; Audio, Video, Lighting, Security, Climate Control and Shades.

Lighting Control and Automated Window Shades

Properly designed systems can dramatically affect the presentation of your product and business to your   
customers. By selecting preset scenes from a single button, you control the mood of a room for any activity. One touch of a button can activate both a room’s media equipment, preset lighting and window shade
settings; a perfect addition to a conference room.

Digital Signage

Target your communication messages to a specific audience or for a particular time of day with a digital sign  
solution from StreamLife.


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