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At StreamLife, we listen carefully to our clients. We offer honest advice and we strive to
create seamlessly integrated, reliable and easy-to-use systems that meet or exceed current 
expectations and plan for future needs.
After the installation, StreamLife continues to deliver
on the technology promise by providing superior service and support.

Home Theater

Redefine your cinema experience with a home theater system that combines superior audio, video and decor. We custom tailor each system to fit with your interior design, lifestyle and budget. Flat screen TVs are custom mounted on walls, in recesses or in cabinets with all the wiring concealed. 

Speaker systems can be virtually invisible with architectural treatment or they can be integrated into custom bookshelves and cabinets. Component equipment can be hidden inside cabinets while maintaining full remote control using wireless technology.

Multi-Room Audio and Video

Distributed audio and video systems allow you to share centrally located music and video sources throughout the home. Watch a DVD or television program in the kitchen, living room or bedroom. With a digital media server, you’ll have complete access to your movie and music collection with the touch of a button.

What is Total Home Automation?

With total home automation most systems in your home (audio, video, lighting, security, heating/cooling) are programmable and operable from a centralized integrated system- Which means it all works together.

Starting with structured wiring, the project backbone you choose what centralized or enhanced systems you want to have in your life. By integrating all of your home's systems, including lighting, climate control and window coverings you can achieve improved efficiency and comfort. Home automation is expandable and flexible, so choose what you want to automate now and add more
down the road.

Control and Systems Integration

The heart and soul of each StreamLife system is control. We
put a lot of effort into designing and programming user-friendly remotes, keypads and touch screens that provide one-button control of multiple systems. Store all those old remotes
in a closet!

Communications and Networking

Today, it is standard for new homes to be wired for telephone,  
video distribution and home networks. We plan for the location
and type of equipment and lay the backbone for current
and future technology.

Video Surveillance

Security is an integral part of many homes and can be as
simple or as robust as necessary. Live cameras are networked
to a digital video recorder and you can use the television to view them at the touch of a button on your remote. Enjoy the convenience of integrated access to all your home systems 
through integrated keypads or touch screens.

Lighting Control and Automated Window Shades

Properly designed lighting systems make the difference between a house and a home. By selecting preset scenes such as "Entertain," "Movie," or "All Off" from a single button, you control the mood of a room for any activity. Powered shading solutions provide control of natural light, decreasing UV fade on fabrics and artwork and assisting HVAC systems by reducing solar gain. One touch on a remote can activate both a room’s media equipment and preset lighting and window shade settings.


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